Tombow TwinTone Sets of 12


Order in Quantities of:
6 units


Ink Type: Quick drying water based ink.

Tip Style: These are  double ended markes with a .8mm bullet tip on one side and a .3mm fine point on the other.

Ideal Uses:  This set of 12 TwinTone markers is excellent for journals, planners, drawing and doodling.

Colors Included in the Brights Set: Lime Green, Emerald Green, Blue, Navy, Grape, Pink, Candy Pink, Cherry Pink, Carrot Orange, Strawberry, Chocolate, and Black.

Colors Included in the Pastel Set: Mint Green, Aqua, Sky Blue, Sax Blue, Pale Purple, Raspberry, Princess Pink, Peach Pink, Coral Pink, Honey Orange, Chrome Yellow, and Gray.

Colors Included in the Rainbow Set:  Pale Rose,  Fuchsia Pink,  Violet, 1Prussian Blue,  French Blue,  Turquoise Blue, Light Blue,  Green,  Yellow Green, Yellow, Orange, Red.  

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