Boku-Undo Ceramic Color Palettes


Order in Quantities of:
5 units


This ceramic palette from Boku-Undo is shaped like a plum blossom. It measures 5.5 inches by 5.5 inches and contains 6 colors of Boku-Undo's watercolor paint. The palette has a mixing reservoir in the middle. 

Aquatic Blue contains: Light Indigo, Purple, Black, Ultramarine, Cornflower Blue, and Oyster Shell White.

Basic Set are yellow, leaf green, green, ultramarine, red plum, and ochre.

Forest Green Palette: Turquoise, Blue Green, Indigo, Grass Green, Kelly Green and Yellow. 

Ornamental Red contains: Deep Red, Red Plum, Dark Wisteria, Vermilion, Chestnut, and Ochre. 

Deep Plum Shades are Reddish Black, Yellowish Black, Greenish Black, Bluish Black, Purplish Black and Brownish Black

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