Gelly Roll Moonlight Dusk Assortment Cup Display


Order in Quantities of:
1 unit


This cup display contains 12 each of blue, purple, red and 6 each of green and rose.  

Please note that the cup may differ  from the cup in the picture.

We are offering this display in a very sturdy clear acetate cup.

Gelly Roll Moonlight ink has the brightest, most striking color of the Gelly Roll line.  Gelly Roll Moonlight ink comes in two forms, archival and fluorescent. Archival ink is  pigment based, waterproof, chemically stable, and fade resistant. Fluorescent ink glows under a black light and can fade if exposed to direct sunlight.

Great for writing on dark and light paper.

Moonlight 10 Bold Pens have a 1.0mm ball and write a 0.5mm line.    

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