STABILO 88 Ceramic Pot of 150

STABILO 88 Ceramic Pot of 150
STABILO 88 Ceramic Pot of 150

Ink Type: Odorless, water based ink that has a "cap off" time of 24 hours before drying out.
Tip Style: The pin style tip draws fine 0.4mm lines.
Ideal Uses:  This display of 150 assorted STABILO 88 Pens in a red ceramic bowl is great for showcasing these lovely pens. The STABILO 88 is ideal for writing and drawing fine lines in a rainbow of colors. The hexagonal barrel prevents the pen from rolling of the table.  The red ceramic bowl is included.

STANDARD SET: 5 each Ice Green, Light Emerald, Heliotrope, Purple, Nightblue, Light Pink, Light Blue, Ultramarine, Apple Green, Green, Red, Dark Blue, Yellow, Brown, Black, Light Red, Crimson, Turquoise, Pine Green, Orange, Violet, Pink, Azure, Lilac, Light Lilac, Olive Green, Dark Ochre, Dark Grey, DP Cold Grey, Paynes Grey


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