Sailor Fude de Mannen Calligraphy Pen, 55 degrees Green




The Sailor Fude DE Mannen has a gold plated fude nib bent to a 55 degree angle. Bent calligraphy nibs are specially shaped to allow the writer to a wider range of line widths, depending on how the pen is angled toward the paper. Fude pens are used in Asian calligraphy for writing characters, because they allow so much line variation. 

To write with a thin line, the pen  should be held upright. Changing the nib angle to be closer to the paper will allow for thicker lines. Bent nib pens are also excellent for drawing and sketching. 

  • The nib is stainless steel with gold plating and writes at a 55 degree angle. 
  • This is a converter and cartidge pen
  • The body is constructed of ABS resin in a Green color. 

Extra Information